Do you ever look at transformation pictures and think “Gosh I wish I could see those results!!!”  I challenge you to STOP wishing and START doing!

That was ME when the first coach Core de Force transformation pictures came out.  I was at a point in my journey I NEEDED to see a change.  But, if I was honest with myself… lack of results were from living more of a 75/25 nutrition balance than an 80/20.  So knowing my struggles, knowing I was in desperate need for a change in my workout routine, I KNEW I had to do this program!

I promised myself I would stick closer to 95/5….I mean, you can do ANYTHING for a month right? And I did.  All while traveling for work, spending 6 days in San Jose CA for a conference with friends, and making it through THANKSGIVING.

The difference I saw after a week, and after 3 weeks was just astonishing!!!!  BUT get this…….


By the end, I GAINED 3 pounds, lost a total of ‘only’ 2 inches.  The pictures show the REAL story.  I certainly lost fat, gained muscle, and leaned out more than the scale was telling me. Seriously, if you have a scale…..go throw it out a window right now 🙂



More than anything, I was reminded of my willpower to stay AWAY from late night munchies and sweets.  It’s such a common misconception that eating healthy has to be boring, but my meals were FAR from boring over the last month.


  • Sloppy joes with veggies
  • Chocolate banana protein muffins
  • PB/honey/cinnamon toast
  • Turkey rice bowls
  • Enchilada casserole
  • Peanut Butter Apple nachos
  • Tilapia with Avocado & Cucumber salsa
  • Chocolate Mocha Shakeology
  • Banana Spinach Shakeology

Does that sound boring to you???  SO delicious, and SO healthy for me!

So, tell me – are you ready to STOP ‘wishing’ for results and START making it happen???  Fill out the application to join my next (online) fitness bootcamp!  Maybe Core de Force doesn’t seem like you? No problem!  We’ll work together to find the perfect program!

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