It’s OFFICIAL!!!! We have launched in the U.K.

It’s hard to believe that the HUGE launch in the United Kingdom is finally HERE. We have been working towards this day for months and months, and it feels so incredible to be in LONDON on the huge day.  But we’re not quite done!!!  Continue reading to learn about our SPECIAL call happening October 19th at 9pm BST!

What is Coaching??

We are dreamers, believers, supporters, and encourages.  We EMPOWER others to make time for themselves, their health, and work to help make their dreams a reality.

Think that this ‘isn’t for you’?? I CHALLENGE you to listen to our stories because our team includes women and men from all different backgrounds.  Some who work full time, some who stay at home and have made this their full time career.  Some are teachers, nurses, flight attendants.  And all in between.

Our team is built on integrity, hard work, and a PASSION for helping others reach their fullest potential.  No matter what age you are, where you came from, or what your background is, there is a place for you on this team. What matters is that you want to lead a healthy life and be a positive force in other’s lives.

You’re Invited….

… hear from the top coaches in the Dream Team United organization. Join us this Thursday at 9:00 pm BST for a live call to give you the details on what coaching is all about.  We will cover the history of Team Beachbody, learn about what a coach does on a day-to-day basis, how do you earn an income, how to you share and not sell, what training and support will you get from the Dream Team and more.  There will be a great Q&A session at the end too!  You WON’T want to miss out on this!!!

Click here to join us for the informational call October 19th 9pm BST


Ready to ROCK, or have some questions??  Let’s chat!!! Head over to fill out a questionnaire so we can chat!!!!