About Hilary Dickson

My name is Hilary and I am a proud mom, wife, and a Two Star Diamond Premier Team Beachbody Coach on the #1 Team in the organization.  I have always been passionate about making an impact in the lives of others, and have found a home for this passion through health and fitness.

I absolutely love to motivate and support individuals as a free online Health and Fitness Coach.  I teach others about establishing healthier eating habits, meal planning, portion control, how to make this a LIFESTYLE change that is doable and works for you!  I love to help others gain their CONFIDENCE back, and help show them that you don’t need a gym to get in the best shape of your life  (who doesn’t love the ability to workout in your own living room?!) No matter where you are starting, there’s a program for you.  Maybe you prefer to workout at a gym, there’s a program for you.  I can help you build a meal plan eating REAL FOODS using healthy recipes that taste good (and that will pass the hubby and kid test)!

If you want to get fit, but also establish healthier habits for the LONG term, contact me and ask me how I can help!

The other part of my passion is leading an amazing team of positive, like-minded individuals who decided coaching was something they were called to do, just like I was.

Why did I become a Coach?
Why I started coaching, and why I am doing it now are two very different stories.  When I started, I just wanted to pay it forward.  I had success and I was SO excited to help others see and FEEL the success that I did.  Now, it has absolutely become a passion of mine.  I see the freedom that this type of opportunity will afford me (who doesn’t want to be their own boss?!), and that drives me to succeed each and every single day.

I’ve been a coach now for 18 months, I’ve achieved goals I’ve never thought were possible.  I’ve helped hundreds of people now become healthy, lose weight, gain their CONFIDENCE back, wear their pre-baby jeans for the 1st time again, and inspire their family to eat healthy & start exercising.  All the while, it’s helped ME stay accountable to get in the best shape of my life!

Your DREAMS can become your REALITY if you are willing to work hard for them.  If you are considering becoming a Coach, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information!  I will help you do exactly what I do, mentoring you each and every step of the way.  Trying something new is scary (trust me, I was scared too), but it is a leap of faith you will never regret.